The Vitalist Declaration

Life and health are good.
Death is humanity’s core problem, and aging its primary agent.
Aging causes immense suffering, and obviating it is scientifically plausible.
Humanity should apply the necessary resources to reach freedom from aging as soon as possible.
I will work on or support others to work on reaching unlimited healthy human lifespan.
I will carry the message against aging and death.
Vitalism's plan is clear and simple
Unify all who agree with the Vitalist Declaration
Spark an ecosystem of Vitalist individuals and organizations
Transform jurisdictions into Longevity States, to reach 1% of global GDP to fight aging. 

Join some of our projects

Longevity State Token

In the future, many groups will emerge to accelerate Vitalist change in society. Such groups will form communities of action and physically establish themselves in neighborhoods, cities and states to prioritize unlimited lifespans in peak health. Great economic and health opportunities will follow.

To hasten this process and to streamline community coordination, we propose the creation of a governance token. Such a token will serve as a mechanism to collect capital and provide effective frameworks for decision making to promote the Vitalist mission.

Token holders will choose which jurisdictions to focus on, and approve proposals that maximize change.

Join a pop-up city & enjoy the healthiest, most productive 2 months of your life

Physical proximity is a key to change, and one day every major city will have a thriving Vitalist community. To accelerate this trend, we are preparing a 2-month-long pop up city in a major US location in 2024.

The pop up city will bring together a curated set of hundreds of Vitalists to one location and center around a 3rd space, which will serve as a co-working venue, laboratory, and event hall.

During these two months, top minds will participate in mini-conferences, workshops, longevity experiments and more, all while optimizing their health with interventions and a commercial kitchen to support optimal nutrition.

Frontier Health - a company based on Montana's recent expansion of Right to Try

Given a landmark Right to Try expansion law passed in Montana in 2023 any Montana doctor can prescribe any intervention that passed Phase 1 trials. Frontier Health is a platform we are incubating to enable access to such interventions while educating and streamlining the process for physicians, drug-makers and patients.

There are three key hurdles to make this process work. First, finding drugs where the IP holder is willing to license usage in Montana. Second, securing a way to produce or access the drug in Montana, possibly with local manufacturing. Third, empowering physicians to deliver the drug to patients through training and education.

Our north-star KPI is the number of Mobilized Vitalists - because they make revolutions happen

What's a Mobilized Vitalist?

A Mobilized Vitalist is somebody who wants to take action to accelerate the revolution.

Actions can include organizing an event, investing in a company, donating to a research initiative, creating media and more.

Oki O'Connor, PhD

Co-founder @ Cyclarity

How can one be recognized as Mobilized?

In the future, many organizations will be able to grant "mobilized" status, in recognition of diverse actions.  

Today, it's possible to be recognized as a Mobilized Vitalist by making a small financial commitment or volunteering for Vitalism Foundation.

Adam Gries

Co-founder @ Vitalism

Do I have to pay to be recognized as a Mobilized Vitalist?

No, price will never block mobilization.

We set a small financial commitment to start as a common standard that allows many to participate. But if payment creates friction, all one has to do is fill out a simple form with the context and we will make it work.

Nathan Cheng

Co-founder @ Vitalism

We are assembling the hard core of do-ers. Take action with us.

Become a Mobilized Vitalist and unlock the future

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We are Mobilized Vitalists

"Vitalism is the first movement that combines ethical clarity with practical strategy. Finally a philosophically sound effort to get behind."

Patrick Linden, PhD

"Vitalism is the powerful and positive social movement that the fight against aging and death deserves."

Emil Kendziorra, MD

"In a world where people often make a virtue of suffering and death, Vitalism is a ray of hope for all who care about life and health."

Cat Thu Nguyen Huu

Contributor @ VitaDAO

"I have worked with many longevity-oriented organizations over decades.  Vitalism is the first I've seen able to bring passion together with expertise to create a unique 'force of human nature' that can take aging head-on."

Kevin Perrott, PhD

CEO @ OpenCures

“Vitalism is the unifying ideology the longevity world desperately needs. It makes it clear we are all fighting for our lives and should act accordingly.”

Kai Micah Mills

Founder @ Cryopets

"We undertake this mission to solve aging alongside incredible, hard working, talented, and genuinely altruistic people — people in this community. I proudly work with the Vitalist community."

Mark Hamalainen

Co-founder @ LBF

Common Questions

What makes Vitalism different from other longevity initiatives?

We are the only organization focused on advocating for a comprehensive political revolution to drive resource re-allocation.

Why do we need this? Aren't longevity science & technology already on a path to success?

No. The resources dedicated to longevity today are a tiny fraction of what they could be, especially given the seriousness of the problem of aging. Also current initiatives, often even according to their creators, are not going to yield major lifespan gains.

Aren't Special Economic Zones and Charter Cities sufficient?

Special Economic Zones and Charter Cities are important for longevity, but they are also vulnerable to the arbitrary decisions of the greater jurisdictions in which they operate. Additionally, they are highly limited in their ability to impact education, State sourced funding and will not be able to delivery government-level resources to longevity.

I live outside the US/Europe? Can I still get involved?

Absolutely, we intend to establish Longevity States in every jurisdiction in the world.

Why not lobby and influence through traditional political campaigns?

We support lobbying as one of multiple measures. One challenge is that without a core and consistent voting constituency as well as concomitant economic interests, any political support may be ephemeral. Additionally, lobbying efforts are often only able to reach a small group of leaders and cannot effect deep and wide systemic change.

Don’t we have enough money for longevity? Capitalism will solve longevity!

No. Longevity only gets less than 1% of biotech venture capital despite aging being the primary driver of healthcare costs. For a problem of this magnitude, humanity should be dedicating at least 1% of global GDP (~$1 Trillion), which is around 1000x more than what is being invested in fighting aging today.