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The great forces of history can be influenced by astonishingly small groups of determined people.

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How Vitalism is different

Extending your healthy lifespan is our life mission.
R&D for life extension
The Elderly
Death from Cancer, Heart Disease, Dementia etc

Other "Longevity" orgs

Accept death
120 years is enough
Managed decline
Nice to have
Seniors bow out gracefully
Aging is inevitable
Current regulations are fine
Delay disease onset


Reject death
120 years is NOT enough
Peak health, indefinitely
Increase R&D into aging 100x
Seniors live fully and rejuvenate
Aging is treatable
Better regulations for longevity
Solve the root cause, aging

Questions? Answers.

What makes Vitalism different from other longevity initiatives?

We are the only organization focused on advocating for a comprehensive political revolution to drive resource re-allocation to fight aging and death.

How are you able to offer preferred diagnostic and product prices?

We partner with mission-aligned companies and physicians who support the Vitalism mission by offering us deep discounts -- even at or below cost. We can then pass on these insider prices to Vitalism Members.

Are you a nonprofit?

Yes, Vitalism International Foundation is a 501(c)4 nonprofit incorporated in Delaware, USA.

Our mission is not just making money, but making freedom from aging and death available for all.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Do you offer student, startup, or nonprofit discounts?

We want all Vitalists to be able to participate in the movement and get access to awesome member benefits -- regardless of financial situation. We offer discounts for students, academics, early stage founders, and nonprofits. Please contact for more details.

Can I donate to Vitalism?

Yes. You can donate to Vitalism International Foundation 501(c)4 here.

Your contribution will help accelerate the revolution to make fighting aging and death humantiy's #1 priority.