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Vitalism's mission is to allow every human to live in optimal health indefinitely.

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The Vitalism movement was first announced at the Zuzalu pop-up city in Montenegro.

The Vitalism whitepaper outlined a unified moral ideology against aging and death, and called upon longevity maximalists to rally around the creation of Longevity States.

Vitalism International Foundation is a 501(c)4 non-profit based in Delaware, United States.


Building a world without aging.

Adam Gries

CO-Founder, CEO
Adam is a 4x founder, angel investor, and longevity advocate. He has built products reaching 80+ million users. Adam holds a B.Sc in Neuroscience.

Nathan Cheng

Nathan is a community organizer and venture capitalist in longevity. He is Co-executive Director of the Longevity Biotech Fellowship and General Partner at Healthspan Capital. He was a PhD candidate in Physics at the University of Toronto.