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Common Questions

What makes Vitalism different from other longevity initiatives?

We are the only organization focused on advocating for a comprehensive political revolution to drive resource re-allocation.

Why do we need this? Aren't longevity science & technology already on a path to success?

No. The resources dedicated to longevity today are a tiny fraction of what they could be, especially given the seriousness of the problem of aging. Also current initiatives, often even according to their creators, are not going to yield major lifespan gains.

Aren't Special Economic Zones and Charter Cities sufficient?

Special Economic Zones and Charter Cities are important for longevity, but they are also vulnerable to the arbitrary decisions of the greater jurisdictions in which they operate. Additionally, they are highly limited in their ability to impact education, State sourced funding and will not be able to delivery government-level resources to longevity.

I live outside the US/Europe? Can I still get involved?

Absolutely, we intend to establish Longevity States in every jurisdiction in the world.

Why not lobby and influence through traditional political campaigns?

We support lobbying as one of multiple measures. One challenge is that without a core and consistent voting constituency as well as concomitant economic interests, any political support may be ephemeral. Additionally, lobbying efforts are often only able to reach a small group of leaders and cannot effect deep and wide systemic change.

Don’t we have enough money for longevity? Capitalism will solve longevity!

No. Longevity only gets less than 1% of biotech venture capital despite aging being the primary driver of healthcare costs. For a problem of this magnitude, humanity should be dedicating at least 1% of global GDP (~$1 Trillion), which is around 1000x more than what is being invested in fighting aging today.